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Personal History

I am currently studying business at Adams Stats College for my bachelor degree.  I am in the gym every morning and riding every night after classes.  On the weekends, I am traveling to go race. I race WEBE Racing series, Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit, Endurocross and Sports Riders Association of Colorado. I currently took 4th in Open A for the 2017 WEBE Racing Series. I plan on doing all endurocrosses next year as well as racing all the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit. 

Riding Goals

Win a championships in Open A for the 2018 season in WEBE racing series, Corcs Series, and Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit 

Competitive Highlights

So far in my motocross career my favorite competitive highlight would be in 2011 battling for the 250B championship right down to the last race of the year.