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Personal History

Kip is 9 years old. He lives with his mother, father, and sister. He is in the 4th grade and does very well in school. Kip started riding when he was 4 years old. He started on a Jr 50 Suzuki with the training wheels. It was just 4 days after that he took the training wheels off and was riding along. Since then he has completed locally in motocross and obtained third place for the 2019 race season in the 50 cc class (7-9 year old) he rode a 50 cc King Cobra. He traveled to compete in an arena cross race and  has also placed first in several hill climbs. He keeps busy with several other hobbies such as snowboarding, fishing, swimming, and basketball. 

Riding Goals

Kip would love to be a pro rider someday but for this year he is focusing on improving his skills on the track and working hard to get first place for the season championship. 

Competitive Highlights

Kip has many trophies and has placed top three on several occasions throughout his riding career.