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Personal History

Live and work in Oregon for the last 19 years. Got a bike in 2004 and have ridden, raced, and worked on trails each month since. 

I bought my KTM in September of 2007 and raced it at the Starvation Ridge 24Hr race 2 weeks later. I sold that bike with close to 700 hours on the engine clock. I replaced the top end every year with Vertex pistons. I replaced the bottom with a HotRods kit just because it was time. Now I'm the second owner of a 2013 KTM 300XC. I treat it the same way! What an awesome bike it is as long as I perform regular maintenance on wear parts which I got mostly through MSR until they closed down. Currently trying to pick up a another hardparts (brakes, rotors, shifters, etc) sponsor.

I direct a dirt bike club called Racers Under The Son, Oregon. My wife and I started it with a friend back in 2006. We host monthly events, attend races, and provide pit support to RUTS racers and others too. We have completed some great projects for the Oregon Department of Forestry in the Tillamook State Forest. Our efforts were made possible, in part, from grants from Yamaha and the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation (OHV grants).

I have current contracts with the following AWESOME companies:

FMF (13 years), Race Tech (13 years), Pivot Works\HotRods\CylinderWorks\Vertex (11 years), Fasst Company (12 years), EVS (11 years), DecalWorks (10 years), Shorai (4 years), Gaerne (4 years). MoTool (2 years); FLOWVision (1 year); Sunstar (1 year).

Riding Goals

Number 1: Get better at cornering.

Number 2: Ride forever.

Number 3: Reproduce myself in others - passion for riding and life, strong work ethic, helping others.

Competitive Highlights

First place tie for the OMRA Cross Country championship in the 50 Expert class for 2018.