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Personal History

I grew up on a dirt bike, then when I was about 4,5, or 6 years old I stopped riding for a long time then we got four-wheelers then all my friends were getting dirt bikes so I decided to get one. After that I got committed to racing and and kept getting better as the summer progressed then I finally got to my first race and my first start I made a rookie mistake by leaving the choke on and it died on the start and I got sixth that race and thenseconed round me and my friend basically tied the holeshot and I got 4th. 

Riding Goals

Over this summer I will be working on form with a guy close by my house the guy is really good so im hoping he can help me get better

Competitive Highlights

I don't have many but I came back from 12th or so to 6th then I held fourth but the top three were really good and had a lot more experiance