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Personal History

My name is Keaton Eason. I live in Hinesville, Georgia. My mom and dad gave me a Suzuki 50 JR for my 8th birthday. I rode it around the yard for a couple of months until a good buddy of mine told me about a motocross track in Daisey, Georgia. I went home and asked my Dad if we could go. The next weekend we went and thats when and where I won my 1st race, It was soo Cool!!! Since then I have gotten a 2008 KTM SR 50, 2010 Metrakit 50 and a 2009 KTM 65. We havent hardly missed a weekend of racing. My family and I are dedicated to racing. I have a younger brother who races also, we have a good time together. I am also dedicated to school. I have made straight A's all year, Which is hard when all you think about is motocross. I love racing and some day want to be a professional motocross rider!!


Riding Goals

I will be traning and riding everyday this summer to get ready for the minio's in Florida this Nov.

Competitive Highlights

1St place in live oak motorcross series 50cc