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Personal History

Kaylee Gatzke - DOB 01/05/1997

Started off riding a 2004 Honda 90 when I was 6 years old. My family and I use to trail ride almost every weekend in the summer and every other weekend in the spring and fall. 
My next quad was a 2004 Yamaha Raptor 350. This quad was mostly used for trail riding and 1 race which was the Aztec GP in March 2020. 
Then I began to borrow a close friends Yamaha YFZ450R to race since I was serious about competing at a higher level which my 350 couldn’t handle. 

I’ve been trail riding nearly my whole life and just got into racing after I graduated from college. We began racing as a family in 2020 - all in different classes of course. 

Riding and racing is a huge passion of mine and I want to continue to peruse the sport as much as possible with my family. 

Riding Goals

I eventually want to own my own 450 and not have to borrow my friends in the near future. 
Since this is my first year racing In 2020, I am determined to finish the C Quad Series in the top 3 points overall. I am dominating an almost all Male league this year. 
My next goal is to actually win the points standing in C Quad in the CORCS series in the next 1-2 years. 
Once I finally win the C class, I want to start racing in the B class. 
I also want to start traveling to different states and race in different series as much as I can to gain as much experience as possible. 
Also, I want to improve on the dirtbike and step up my game as that’s my weak point out of the 2. 

I want to help expand Quad racing as a whole and I really want to help inspire women to get out there and ride/race! Empowering women to take on a male dominated sport is truly the goal. 

Competitive Highlights

I’ve always been a huge competitor. Grew up winning a state championship playing basketball in high school & played college soccer. 
I always was a leader on and off the field/court for my teams. 
Once I graduated from college I still wanted to compete so I took my competitive edge to the track/trails! Something I’ve been doing for fun almost my whole life but now I want to really compete and see where I stand. 
I loved being apart of team sports my whole life, but it’s super fun to compete as an individual where you solely have to rely on yourself and your talents alone. 
I want to eventually have a team behind me, supporting me and helping me train & keep the quads and bikes well maintenanced