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Personal History

Hi my names Kayden. I'm 13 years old and I eat sleep and breath motocross. I got my first bike a xr50 4 years ago and my love for dirt bikes grew very fast. I got a kx65 for my 9th birthday and my love for 2 stroke grew as i loved the speed. My mom bought me a 2015 ktm as i began to race harder because my kx65 just didnt have the power like all the other new bikes on the line. Last year was my first year racing. As I started out the year on the bottom of all the race lists. My mom signed me up for moto camp at wareham mx and I began to train. I learn so much and started to become a better rider. By the end of last year my name began to climb up the race list. I won a championship in my series for 2019. I just got back on my bike after spraining my knee while practicing for tomahawk regional. As I didnt get a ticket to Loretta Lynn's I still fought as hard as I could and never gave up. I practice very hard and I stay focused in the sport. As mom says homework comes first. So I try to keep my grades up so i can ride. Riding is my escape in life. Its my happy place! I now ride a kx85 and been training hard to get faster and have better turns.

Riding Goals

My goal is to become better then i was the day before. I want to train hard to be able to get to Loretta Lynn's. As I know it's a fight I'm will to do all I can to make that dream come true.

Competitive Highlights

2019 championship 65cc 10-11 Racing a ama regional race for Loretta Lynn's