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Personal History

Self- Motivated athletic professional with the experience In leadership positions and working with teams. Manages time efficiently and works well under pressure. Motocross star with strong leadership  capabilities, persistence, and innate desire to excel as a member of your race team. I am a 14 years old. I have held two titles with the New Mexico Desert Racing series. In my first year of motocross, I went to two national races. I placed thirds in Ponca City, Fifteenth at Loretta Lynn's. In 2014 I went to Freestone Spring championship and placed 3rd overall. I am the 2013 District 42 Champion in the Girls Jr. (9-14) 85/150. Also I am the 2014 district 42 Champion in the girls 9-14 and in the womens class I got 2nd place! I got 2nd in the girls 7-13 for the arenacross championship in Las Vegas. I made it to Loretta's in 2014 for girls 12-16 and got 10th overall with some bike problems. In 2015 I raced the Girls 9-13 at Loretta Lynn's and got 5th overall. I also raced the girls 9-13 and the girls 12-16 and won both of those classes at Ponca City. I have numerous first place finishes throughout the state of New Mexico and Texas in several different motocross series. I love riding and racing, it has always been my passion to go out there and have fun and ride smart. I am on track to going to all the nationals and qualifiers again this next year.In return I will promote your products on my practice bike, race bike, race trailer, Moto Van and whatever shirts and hats to wear at the races and when I go practice anywhere I can to promote you products.I am really thankful for my parents they have done so much for me they put 150% into my racing and I am really thankful. I really hope I can be in your program.

Riding Goals

My goals for this year is 60 min cardio daily, shave 7-10 seconds on each track like: jumping, cornering, starts, No sodas, eat better, road bike riding 2 times a week, mountain bike riding or Bmx once a week, Stretch 5 days a week, core, timing, training, 3 days a week, drink 72 oz everyday, ride everyday, and workout everyday.

Competitive Highlights

My competitive highlights are I have a 2010 New Mexico Desert Racing Championship in the 50cc class. I also have a New Mexico Desert Racing Championship in 2011 in the 65cc class. I am the 2013 District 42 Champion in the Girls Jr. (9-14) 85/150 class. I got 15th at Loretta Lynn's because I had a lot of bike problems my best finish was 8th at Loretta Lynn's in the girls 9-11 class. I got 3rd at Freestone Spring Championship in the girls 12-16 class. I have qualified in the girls 12-16 class at Buffalo Creek mx I got 2nd place, Arizona Cycle Park mx I got 2nd place, Bar2Bar mx I got 2nd place. In 2014 i got 10th at Loretta Lynn's in the girls 12-16 class. I am the district 42 champion in the Girls 9-14 class and I got 2nd place in the womens class. 
In 2015 I raced at Ponca City and got 1st in the girls 12-16 and girls -13! I also went to Loretta Lynn's and placed 5th overall In the girls 9-13.