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Personal History

I'm Katara I started riding on a SL 100 June of 2007, got my first quad for Christmas 2007. In February 2008 My Dad bought me a 75 RM 125 and restored it. I decided to ride it until I got the hang of two wheels. My Dad is a retired Pro level MX rider who after 30 years off the track came back this year when me and my sister started racing out tricked out blasters. I play softball at school and play with my Rottweiler when not riding which is truely my love. I am excited to have won my first High Point trophy for the friday night series and my Dad gets the podium too that night as he won the 50+ class High point for the same series. MY DAD ROCKS. See ya on the track YOU JUST GOT PASSED BY A GIRL!

Riding Goals

My goal is to learn through the winter riding areana cross in Salem at the fairgrounds and by the forst of the year rise outdoors at some of the regional tracks. I am excited to be on my two wheeler and up from the quad.

Competitive Highlights

Winning the High point is the highest acomplishment, but I must say it was exciting all summer competing back and forth with my older sister Matallica winning the races I haven't won. We are a team and learned from each other the values of sportsmanship and being humble enough to admit to the other when we have made a mistake on the track. She also just got a CR125 and will be riding this winter in the areanacross.