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Personal History

I started riding a balance bike at 18 months old and riding a pedal bike with no training wheels at age 3. At age 4 my parents got me a Stacyc to learn throttle control and my love for racing began. While honing my skills on the Stacyc, I also started riding a CRF50 at age 4. I love to ride with my family on our track and practice as much as I can with anyone who is willing to ride with me. If I can't find a riding partner for the day, I ride alone! I'm currently racing a local Stacyc series at the NJ Field of Dreams facility in both the stock and modified class.

Riding Goals

I just turned 5 years old and entered my first race this year. My primary goal is to have fun every single time I'm on the bike and riding. As a secondary goal, I would like to earn a top 3 spot in one of the races I compete in this year to get my first trophy! 

Competitive Highlights

In the first race I ever competed in, there was 24 riders in my class. I ended up with a 6th place finish, which I was very proud of. I also raced the modified class on a stock bike. That class had 17 people on the gate and I ended the day in 9th place overall for the modified class (on a stock bike).