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Rider Updates

Nov 29 2018

I raced my first season on the big track. I was the only one on a 65 and that had to be pitted. I won the Mini Amateur Season Championship. I can’t wait to move up to an 85 this next season. 

Apr 8 2014

March 1st they raced Bridgeport Endeavor. Chance got 1st and Riley got 2nd place. They worked so hard and raced their best.  Chance pulled a wheelie at te start and rode it through to get the holeshot. 

March they raced Archer City. They practiced for hours.. An hour before the race it POURED! The track became a muddy mess. We could barely walk around so these babies were sliding everywhere. Riley got 1st and Chance got 2nd place. Both of them also got the holeshot.  Everybody was covered so much in mudd we couldn't not barely tell which was our kids. 

April they raced at Brazos Valley. They practiced so hard and of course it poured about 10 minutes before the race and rained the whole race. Chance got 2nd place and Riley got 3rd. They rode so hard. The boy that got 1st in Chances class caught up to the class ahead and even beat Riley. Saturday afternoon the track was perfect so Chance practiced for hours and got really good catching air on the jumps. 

Feb 27 2014

Well the race season is almost here.  Two more days!!! Yay, this Little Motomom is so stoked!!! Chance and Riley have been practicing tons in the last 2 weeks.  Chance has been learing to ride his brand new KTM.  He is getting better finally after scaring this momma like crazy.  We took them to Supercross in Arlington and had a great time.  Chance was so upset when he found out he could race himself.  We will definately be signing him up for the KTM Challange next year. 


Chance has gotten a great deal of Sponsorship offers.  We are excited to say that we have gone with KTM of North Texas in Arlington and MxMegastore as sponsors.  We are still looking to a few of them and debating on it.