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Personal History

Update: 11/2018 My son is Chance Marsh. He is 11 and going to be 12 soon. He eats, sleeps, and breathes dirt bike racing and has since he was 5. He raced against kids from 13-17 this past year on his 65 while they rode 85's to 150's. He won the overall championship. I'm so proud of him. He rides so hard and makes sure he is ahead enough for us to pit him since no one else has to. He is moving up to the 85 next year and it's going to be a change with the added 32 pounds. Every year he asks to be put in a class above his skill level in order to reach his goals. Somehow in all his drive and effort he comes out on top.


My son and step-daughter are Chance and Riley Marsh. They are 8 and 9 years old. Chance is riding in the KTM JR SX CHALLENGE at Supercross in Dallas on Feb 14, 215. He's so excited and this is a complete dream come true.

 They raced the whole season this year through TCCRA. They won 1st and 2nd place for the second season in a row. They started racing a couple of races two years ago and chose to race this year over any other sport they were offered to play. Racing is their FAVORITE!!! They love to ride their dirt bikes all the time. Next season they will be in the same class because they both will race 65's and Chance will also race 50 Exert. Chance eats, sleeps, bathes, and dreams of dirt bike racing. He loves to watch tv with anything related to dirt bikes. If he ever gets in trouble it is telling stories about the races :) This doesn't happen very often though. If he gets in trouble he gets punished by not being able to practice riding so he usually is on his best behavior. His shower is full of dirt bike toys. He talks about racing in his sleep. Everyday it is a fight because he wants to wear his race shirts. He won't sit still long, but when he does he only wants to play dirt bike games on the iPad. Riley loves to race more than practice. She comes from a long line of professional racers. Somehow she gets out there and does really well for not living every moment about dirt biking. It's just in her blood. She always has her two orange bowed braids hanging out of her helmet that make her so cute. It has become her trademark. All the little girls want to be like her at the track. They love all of their dirt bike toys that they play with when they have to stay inside because of the rain. If they are home they are always riding their bicycles and jumping the ramps. I always say that they have to wear all their gear when riding their bicycles because if they are going to ride and jump like the pro's they have to dress like them. Their tires are NEVER on the ground. We even got Daddy riding dirt bikes too now. He races them to make them better. They talked him into getting me a dirt bike so I can ride also. I'm not very good though and they like to laugh at me because I go so slow. I am getting better though. Now we are a dirt bike family instead of a 4 wheeler family! It has become very addictive for all of us. We race about twice a month. It is so much fun!!!

Riding Goals

Update 11/2018: Chances goals are to win the championship every year. He has won the championship five years out of six of racing. He can't wait to learn the balance of a 85 this next season and do what he does best. Every race his goal is to catch up to the class in front of him. He usually does and passes half the class.


Next season they both want to win the entire championship. Chance has to move up to Expert or because he has gotten too fast and has to skip two classes. We will find out at the end of the year. Riley has to move up to 65's, and Chance wants to race 65's also. . They are working very hard to get straight A at school also.

Competitive Highlights

Chance had won 5 Championships out of 6 years of racing. He is 11 and races with all older boys.