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Personal History

Started riding motorcycles in September 2004, rode street motorcycles and commuted up until March of 2008 where I was involved in a bad accident between a car and I. Stopped riding street that year and started doing track days in February of 2009 then started racing my SV650 in Willow Springs Motorcycle Club (WSMC) on June 2010. I accrued enough points to race Provisional Expert the next year with WSMC in 2011. If I had started racing novice in the beginning of the year, there would’ve been no doubt of me taking the novice championship, but I want to achieve something greater, so thus decided to race in Provisional Expert next year. I now race with four different clubs, Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association (CVMA), Western Eastern Roadracing Association (WERA), Moto West Grand Prix (MWGP), and Super TT American Racing Series (STTARS). For cross training I Crossfit, Mountain bike, ride/race a Honda CRF 450R supermoto at the local Kart tracks (Adams Kart track, Grange, Qualcomm Stadium, Apex), attend regular track days with my SV650’s, and am a control rider for one of Southern California’s top track day organizations, TrackXperience (

Riding Goals

Goals for 2013

- Professionally represent and promote my sponsors in the 2013 motorcycle racing season through social networking, online networking, track presence and top place finishes.
- Race a full season with WERA West in 2013 and gain the #1 plate for Lightweight Superbike and Formula 2.
- Race full season with Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association (CVMA) and finish in the top 3 Overall points for Formula Twins, Lightweight  Shootout, and Formula 2.
- Compete in select rounds with American Federation of Motorcycles (AFM).
- Race the California State championship and hold onto the #1 plate for 650 Twins class.
- Further my riding skills education through attendance of notable riding schools (STAR, CLASS, Keith Code, etc)
- To race Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with either my SV650 in the 750cc class or Honda CRF450 in the 450cc class.
- Compete in select rounds of Supermoto racing with STTARS, the premier Southern California Supermoto racing series.

Competitive Highlights

Achievements for 2011:
- 2nd place overall in the 550 Superbike class at 131 points in WSMC
- 3rd place overall for 650 Twins GP class at 115 points in WSMC
- 2nd place overall in the Cyclemall Formula Twins Lightweight class at 150 points in WSMC
- 1st place overall points in the Solo GT-Lights class at 68 points.
- 7th place in the WSMC overall points
- 2nd place in the Top Rookie Expert Championship
Achievements for 2012:
- 7th place overall in Expert Formula Twins with 95 points in CVMA
- 4th place overall in Expert Formula 2 with 96 points in CVMA
- 3rd place overall in Expert Formula 2 with 86 points in WERA West
- 2nd place overall in Expert Lightweight Twins Superbike with 108 points in WERA West
- 1st place in 650 Twins with California State Championship
- 1st place in Overall Lightweight with California State Champion