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Personal History

After lots of negotiations, and against my nervous Momma’s wishes I got my first dirt bike when I was 2. I immediately fell in love and in about 3 months I started putting my Dad to work shoveling out jumps for me to hit ..with my training wheels of course. However after 9 months of riding I shed my training wheels and never looked back. Though I can’t reach the ground yet, so I have to use blocks to stabilize myself to take off, and ride to my parents when I have to stop riding. I’m now 3 and if I don’t get to ride daily I feel and act as though my day is ruined. Jumping jumps is my favorite part and I’ve now had my dad shovel out a complete mini track (for a 3 year old) right in our yard. I’ve yet to make it to the races yet but that’s in our short term plans as we have full intentions of racing the Tri-State MX Arena Cross Series starting this November.  I may only be 3, but my skill level goes far beyond that and my love for this sport grows daily. I have no fear and get mad when my parents try to check on me after wrecking because I don’t want to miss a minute of riding. The love I have for riding my dirt bike has my entire family involved. Not only have I gotten my Momma to join me and Daddy riding, my two uncles have also since gotten a dirt bike and so have my grandparents! So now I get to enjoy doing what I love most with those I love most (or at least most of them)!

Riding Goals

My riding goals include enjoying my time and having fun doing what I love the most while also gaining knowledge, speed and skill. 

Competitive Highlights

To be continued...