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Personal History

I'm a 33 year old union lineman that use to race at a regional/ national level when I was younger. Former qualifier for Loretta Lynns amateur national twice in supermini & 250 c stock class. Former B class top 5 finisher at a couple of ATV motocross nationals. Tons of local wins an top 5s ask the way from 85cc 12-13 to 450 B class 10+ years ago. Top 5 finish at OMA ATV xc national in B class. Just started back riding late last year an have two kids 2 an 6 year old that I am trying to get into racing also so this will be part of there page also. Tons of former experience an more with some free time looking to get into Enduro/ hate scrambles an work up to a few gncc nationals also. Just here to have fun, test an review products an help younger kids an teenagers get into the sport. Really just looking to get support from companies that will help me also support younger generation of riders.

Riding Goals

Really just looking to have fun an build on getting back in shape. Just want to represent good companies an help review products an help my kids an other kids at races. Plan on running all of the KXCR hate scramble series in the open B class an my little girl will be in the stacyc an pee wee classes. Have a few enduro rides planned also along with some trail days. Working on opening my own hare scramble track to help other people have a place in to ride/ train. Hoping to work my way up to be able run a few GNCC races. Possibly run a few local MX races with my kids but nothing serious.

Competitive Highlights

Have always been a very competitive person an will continue to push myself to be up front of I can. Mostly looking to help companies by representing an reviewing there products for locals. Always try to have top notch equipment an love being able to help companies make sells through local riders. I'm not young like I use to an probably not gonna be as fast but I will be able to represent companies to the fullest extent an help get your products an name out there locally. My kids will hopefully one day be able to compete at the top level but until then we will do lots of local events.