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Personal History

Originally from a small community in the Pacific Northwest, I grew up racing local hare scrambles and the occasional moto. I have spent every spare moment riding, working on or daydreaming about dirt bikes ever since I got my first Honda Trail 50 23 years ago. I have been an active duty military member since 2007 and I still ride and race every opportunity I get in between my deployments. I am currenty deployed to the Persian Gulf until March of 2012. I can't wait to get home to my wife and get back to my passion.... Riding.  

Riding Goals

  • My first goal is to make as many races as I can this year. I will be coming off of a 7 month deployment in March and Leaving for another in December, but I plan to make most of the time I have at home.
  • I am one transfer slot away from moving to the intermediate class in the U.S.D.R. series and I hope to make that step after Round 2 in March.
  • My wife and I are working on our first little racer to join the family so some luck there would be great..... Even though I'll enjoy the process either way.
  • I hope to have an injury free season and most of all I just look forward to having fun.... That's what it's all about! Good luck everyone and God Bless!