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Rider Updates

Jul 15 2014

Got a new road bike for my birthday, it's so sick.  Training hard with Scott Plessinger, Dakota Hacker and Blake Grazicki this week.  Loretta's here we come.

Jul 15 2014

Thanks to Sidi for the sponsorship and some awesome new Sidi Crossfire 2s!!

Jul 1 2014

The last month has been a really difficult month.  Feeling pretty pumped going into Regionals.  Unfortunately, at IronMan Mx, I lost one of my best friends, Austin Mincey, in a crash over the finish line.  The next couple of weeks was up and down.  Staying at the hospital with Austin, his family and friends.  i tried to race again the next week, but just couldn't.  We sat out for a couple Regionals.  I started back training again last week with Scott Plessinger.  I was having a lot of fun and feeling pretty good.  For some unknown reason, my new bike just wouldn't work  The day before this last Regional, my parents had to get me a new bike in order for me to ride.  Practice was great.  Had some bad luck motos though for sure.  Got to the line with a front flat one moto, but managed to get a 2nd then running 4th got a back flat over a jump and ended with a DNF.  I started to get pretty down, but decided to pull it together a do my best.  Well, I got my ticket.  I made it to Loretta Lynn's Nationals.  My last lap of moto 3 I made a pass for 4th which secured my position with an overall 7th.  Digging deep this last month, last week, last moto was all worth it.  I got my ticket just like Austin said I would.  Missing him a lot.  His dad is going to take me to the line at Loretta's for one moto, my dad, Randy, for one moto, and probably my trainer, Scott Plessinger for one moto.  Sorry - mom :)  



Apr 10 2014

So excited to get our new MotorCoach in Orgeon this last week was fun driving across country with my family.  Bummed to come home to find out everything in our race trailer was stolen.  All my gear, 3 Shoei, helmets, LEATT, Sidi Boots, Asterisk Ultras, gear bags, my laps transponder, all my old Dragon googles and all my new Scott goggles, new brace socks, bunches of TLD gear, gloves, all our tools, tool boxes, just like everything.  

Mar 26 2014

ME LLQ Podium 1 Mx - 

Qualified in all my classes - Schoolboy 1, Schoolboy 2, 250C and 250C Mod all on my YZ125!  My stator went out before practice on my YZ250 so we made the best of it.  Thanks everyone - Dad, grandpa, mom, RockRiver, Scott Plessinger

Mar 24 2014

ME LLQ Podium 1 Mx this weekend - Felt good.  Hole shot in 250C with full gate on my 125 1st moto, then jumped the gate on second came from 40th to 10th.  Riding good, confidence building and performing better.  

Thanks everyone for your support.

Mar 13 2014


Came this week.  Already started using it.  Could tell a big difference in practice today.  Can't wait to start workouts with Ryno Gym next week.  

Mar 1 2014

Spent January and February training in GA, at Paradise Offroad Park with Scott Plessinger 

Plessinger Mx Training.  Feeling pumped for Loretta's this year!

Feb 10 2014

New YZ125.  Thank you Rock River, Dad and Mom.  Its is sic!

Jan 24 2014


I began racing mx June 2009 and quad mx in August 2009. Since then, I have raced or practiced nearly every week.  I love racing and spending weekends with family and friends.  2009: I raced 24 races, 77 classes, finishing with 39 (1st), 10 (2nd), 16 (3rd), 72 Top 5 and 77 Top 10 finishes racing both bikes and quad mx.  2010: My goals included: racing as many new tracks and as many top racers as possible to improve my overall performance on bikes and quads.  2011: I focused all my racing efforts on the ATV MX Nationals resulting in Nationally Rank #2 in 2, 70 classes, receiving 2 Overall National Championships, Champion of 70 Northern Am Series, and 20+ other podium finishes at the ATV MX Nationals.  I also continued mx training with Travis Preston.  After Loretta’s 2011 (I retired quad racing) and throughout 2012-2013: My sole focus has been motocross.  I have been training at least 10 days/month in GA and racing as often as possible.  2014:  I will continue training and racing, starting Jan 2014, in GA, with my goal being to earn a Top 40 position at Loretta Lynn’s Nationals in Schoolboy 1, 2.
2013 MX Highlights
Yr.  Event Class Overall
13 Buckeye State Mx Series Supermini CHAMP
13 Buckeye State Mx Series Schoolboy 2 CHAMP
13 Buckeye State Mx Series Schoolboy 1 4
13 LLQ Area Best Supermini 1& 2, Schoolboy 1 & 2 5, 3, 8,11
13 LLQ Regionals Best Supermini 1& 2 15, 17
2012 MX Highlights
12 Millcreek Spring National 85, 85 M, Jr. Mini 24, 23, 28
12 LLQ SE Area Mini Sr., M Sr. Mod, Supermini 1&2 7, 3, 8, 7
12 LLQ ME Area Mini Sr., M Sr. Mod, Supermini 1&2 8, 6, 9, 6
12 LLQ ME Regionals Mini Sr. Mod, Supermini 1, 2 31, 30, 22
2011/10/09 MX Highlights
11 DBMX  85, Jr. Mini CHAMP<

Jan 3 2014

Got sick new Asterisk ultra cells - they are awesome.  Thanks Asterisk and Mom and Dad.

Dec 26 2013

2 Boxes of ProTaper Product 

New Bars

Tons of grips

New sprockets and chains

Sweet shirts and hat

Thanks ProTaper, mom and dad

Nov 15 2012

Got my new SHOEI bright orange helmet.  It is sick!

Nov 15 2012

Training all week at Paradise with Plessinger and over with Matt Walker.  Corners and more corners.  Pumped for mini os!

Nov 5 2012

GOT a BIG shipment from Pro Taper today.  Sweet new fatty bars, grips, sprockets.  Nearly ready for mini Os.  Thanks Pro Taper.

Nov 4 2012

Rode New Vienna back track saturday even in the sleet, it was ridiculous!

Rode Buckeye Hills today, was rough, loved it! Great time with Luke, Ty, and Lucas today. 

Next weekend training in GA.  YES!!!

Nov 2 2012

Leaving for GA to train next friday - Paradise here I come.  Training for 10 days, then Mini-Os. 

Nov 2 2012

Yes, the weekend!  Pusheta Creek mx saturday, Buckeye Hills mx sunday.

Oct 30 2012

Running 5k run Saturday morning to raise money for a family with sick child in Mason, then going to Pusheta Creek Mx to practice this weekend. 

Oct 26 2012

Got new Dunlop tires today, can't wait to ride this weekend.

Oct 25 2012

Orthopedic cleared me to ride again, pumped about riding this weekend!

Oct 8 2012

Pretty pump to be going to the Club Mx open ride weekend this weekend in SC.  Can't wait to ride.

Oct 8 2012

Got the new LEATT Adventure Chest Protector Lite Tech recently.  It is awesome.  I have gone through several roost protectors, including the bull vests.  This is lite weight, durable, and versatile.  It can be worn over or under my race jersey.  GET ONE!


LEATT®’s ADVENTURE CHEST PROTECTOR LITE TECH is very similar to the standard ADVENTURE CHEST PROTECTOR, but excludes shoulder and upper arm guards. Designed to be a chest protector that integrates perfectly with the brace. The exclusive BraceOn elastic strap system attaches the protector to the Leatt-Brace®, yet provides independent movement of body, brace and chest protector. A critical need for championship-level riding.


• Chest protector tested and CE certified to to EN 14021

• Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use

• Made of extremely tough HDPE plastic and washable bio-foam

• Liberal venting helps keep rider cool

• Easy hook & loop adjusters allows for different length both front and back for personalized fit

• Front and rear removable plates allow brace to fit close to body, as it should

• Fits riders from approx. 54-85kg (120-190 LBS)

• Colors - Black/Red/Blue/White

Buy Chest Protector Leatt® Adventure Lite TECH Online

Oct 3 2012

Looking for a place to train new Cincinnati, any suggestions.  Next seat time to get ready for the Suzuki Showdown in a couple weeks. 



Oct 1 2012

Been training for upcoming Mini Olympics.  Very excited to get a new 2012 KTM 125. 

This year I'll be focusing on both supermini classes.

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