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Personal History

I started riding at a very young age. When I was old enough to make my own money I began racing at are local track in Washington state (OPMC). I have been racing since 2007 not as often as I would have liked. But now that high school is over and done i can focus more on my own goals. I have been working on my fitness and my abilities to ride better everyday. I have just recently moved back to Texas with my grandparents for new job opportunities and riding opportunities. But most of all I just enjoy being in the shop working on dirtbikes and riding and racing every chance I get.

Riding Goals

Short Term Goals

As of right now I'm just wanting to get threw a full season of racing with out missing a race and being top three in my class, also making sure I stay focused on what needs to be done, staying healthy and injury free all season long.

Long Term Goals

I have set high expectations for myself. I want to finish out my Honda schooling and learn more about suspension tuning, hopefully working for a race team in the long run. My racing goals are to focus on my racing more than ever, attend more racing events and be able to compete at least at an pro amateur level in the next few years and also making sure I stay strong and healthy. I am also going to attend Leretta Lynn's national motocross race this coming summer in Tenessee. I hope to do very well knowing all my trainning will pay off.

Competitive Highlights

Highlight for me is just being able to make to the races do as good as i possibly can and have as much fun as i can, knowing a put 110% in to each race. I just moved to Texas, I'm getting to ride a bunch of new tracks, thats really great to experience for me and also getting to know new rider and learn new things.