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Personal History

Hi, my name is justin henderson, and i am 18 years old, and i have been riding most of my life. When i was three years old i started racing BMX ( bicycle motocross ), and i continued to race for many years. Around 1999 i got my first motorcycle, addicted to the new speed and less peddaling i soon grew away from my bicycle. After many years of just play riding, i met a friend who introduced me to motocross, which lead to my very first race in 04'. Sustaining many injuries, i have only actually raced 2 out of the 4 years i have been racing.

Riding Goals

I hope to keep my practice sessions on two wheels, and train very hard for the years to come. My goal is to run top 5 in every major national next year.

Competitive Highlights

Even all the down time due to my accidents, i have managed to stay on top of the competetion in my classes.