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Personal History

My name is Justin Francisco, im 16 years old from belleville,NJ. ive been riding for 10 years now & loved every single time i threw a leg over a bike. Im philippino & will be racing the asian nationals & also FIM championships coming up next year. This winter i will make a trip to the philippines to train with team REVmax Honda. Im not the fastest rider, but im deff. a smart one. The way i practice is, i always want too accomplish something before i leave the track, whether its consistent lap times or corner speed, i always want to go home smiling & know it going to help me in the end. My weeks during training season usually goes, monday tuesday thursday & friday are when i go to the gym 9am-11am. wednesday-sunday riding/testing/racing. Im a realist, if you asked me if I will be turning pro, i would answer no. Motocross may be my life but having a college degree & hopefully owning my own company or working in the motocross/supercross industry would be a dream come true. Besides racing, i love hanging out with my friends,meeting new people, breakdancing,bmx, & basketball. Im a Junior in High School with a 3.4 GPA. I am very respectful & a very nice kid, my parents taught me well growing up, so my behavior will never be a factor. 

Straight to the Point, even though i may not be the fastest amateur rider in the US, i know how to promote a company to its highest ability. Everywhere i go, whether its the mall or a track, i always have buisness cards of my sponsors & pass them to kids or local racing shops. i carry stickers & wear clothing representing my sponsors. I also get photoshoots with my sponsors all shown, not one left out and advertised on myspace/facebook/public. Wherever I am i never slack off, i know how hard companies work to get to the top. Just to know im helping a company climb to the peak of there ability, makes me happy. I know its hard to trust many kids these days with having products represented the right way & not disgracing there sponsors by bad behavior & wrong doing. I have the personality & heart of a champion but still in the process of searching for my speed. If sponsored by you, i will promise you that you are not making a mistake, i will keep in touch VIA email or on the telephone, on my progress on helping your company succeed. Most companies can think of me as a kid whos just trying to get free stuff, or you can see me as that kid you've been looking for to represent your company to the fullest ability. i promise you i will try my hardest, whether its racing or promoting im the kid to do it.


Riding Goals

My Goals this year are to become  successful & set high standards as to always believing nothing is impossible. Top 3 at all the races & at least top 10's in amateur nationals & top 20's in the ASIAN nationals, (that it being my first national in asia, i will of course be trying every race to get on that podium), be a good role model to younger kids, set myself mentally & physically to win a championship at loretta lynns or at least do good, promote all my sponsors to the fullest with the up most respect, & try my hardest all the time.

Competitive Highlights

This year, i think my most memorable career highlights, will be going to asia to see if i have the ability to run with the best, my father former pro from the philippines in 1979-1985  won his championships & podiumed every race in 1981, i want to do the same and keep the family's name up on that podium.