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Personal History

I started out riding at Glamis Sand Dunes when I was around 4 years old with my family. However, due to family struggles we had to get rid of all of our toys and I basically fell out of my passion. However, at age 16 I began going out to the desert with one of my friends riding their toys because I didn’t have any for myself and I also began searching the Internet for the cheapest gear possible just to get me by. At age 17, I started working 2 jobs so that I can upgrade my gear and get a dirtbike of my own, this bike is my 2005 yz450f. This dirtbike is the first desert toy that I have owned, I have fallen in love with the sport and only want to get better from here. I would love to get the opportunity to represent a brand and be able to put there name out there along with mine  through social media and riding.

Riding Goals

I have began  going to my nearby track, Barona MX track, every week to better my abilities as a rider. I am nothing special however I am excited for the challenge of getting better and better each week. I also primarily ride out at Glamis sand dunes with my family and friends to enjoy riding and take a break from the real world. My ultimate goal is to just keep getting better and better, to hit a jump bigger and bigger each trip, to improve my speed and technique, and to enjoy my time more and more. If racing presents itself to me in the future then I certainly can not say that I would turn down the challenge, however for now I am primarily riding recreationally and would like to get brands names out to more people.