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Personal History

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Starting off, my history with motocross all began around the age of 16 (currently 29). I bought my first 125 after riding bmx for many years and absolutely loved it. I rode off and on when I could and didn't have the time or money to put a full effort into it. I eventually sold the bike and moved on with career choices that eventually led me to the United States Air Force in 2010. After joining and being stationed where there wasn't a motocross track within a 3 hour radius, I got into Downhill Mountain Biking. It was a crazy fun ride but I eventually got stationed in Colorad where my buddies started inviting me out to the motocross track and it was all over from there. I bought an RMZ 450 in October of 2014 and haven't regretted my decision to switch back to motocross at all. There is nothing like this sport and the people around it. 

Riding Goals


That is my goal summed up in one word. I know I am way past the age to become the next Ricky Carmichael so my focus is all about getting better on the bike. This includes everything from technique to fitness to natural riding style. I love pushing myself and overcoming the challenges. Lining up for my first race in November 2014, I was ready to puke at the gate but proved to myself I was a contender. Looking forward I will be racing numerous Colorado and Rocky Mountain region races which include races at the nationally know, Thunder Valley Motocross Track. I am excited for the 2015 season and ready to progress to the next level. 

Competitive Highlights

I don't have much to put here as a NEWB but I placed 4th in my first race and the next race, two weeks later, stepped on the podium for 3rd. I will be keeping the progression alive as I train and practice for the approaching 2015 season.