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Personal History

2021 was my first year back on a bike since 2011. I rode for 2 years as a basic beginner and a few local tracks. I unfortunately blew my motor up in my bike and was no longer able to race. My family did not support my interest in racing so I have it up and got married and started a family of my own. Flash forward to present day and I decided to buy a new 2020 Yamaha yz450f early this year and get back into with a few friends who now have kids that are joining the sport as well. I now enjoy racing more than ever and my family now attends all of the races.

Riding Goals

My goals for 2022 are to race district 34 motocross series in Pennsylvania and to get top 3 in the point in my class. I will be racing 30+ A/B and supercross open (a/b) in the summer supercross series at one of the local tracks. Looking into the future for 2023 I plan to dedicate myself to qualifying for Loretta Lynn amateur championship.

Competitive Highlights

This year I raced primarily at one of our local tracks for the supercross series.

I raced 2 classes in this 14 race series

25+c finishing 1st overall in series

30+B/C finishing 3rd overall in series