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Personal History

Hello, I'm Joe Geyer. Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. I got my first pw50 when I was 3 years old and trail rode, then started racing harescrambles when I was 15 years old.  I feel In love with racing instantly coming from a broken home living with my mother, it became "me and dad time".  

How racing saved my life.

I graduated high school in 2005 weighing 230lbs. Suffering from an eating disorder and obesity by  the beginning of 2010 I weighed over 400lbs and still raced and rode dirt bikes every weekend. I was the big guy everyone pointed at laughed as I raced by on the track. I'm 2010 I started training and dieting and lost over 100lbs and thru out the year and won a C class championship at the awrcs series and finished 2nd in open c class at the gncc. 
 I still battled with eating addiction as the years went by up and down in weight. In 2014 I raced my first aces enduro and was hooked immediately. I got serious with training and dieting again and went undefeated in the open B class winning the championship. I was still over weight weighing about 280lbs. In 2017 I changed my life and my diet again but for good this time. I now weigh 225lbs and I've been very competitive in the open A class and the vet A class. I've finished 2nd for the last 3 years in the open A class. This year I've stepped up the training to another level and won the first aces enduro by over 5 minutes in the open A class. 

If it wasn't for dirt bikes I do believe I still  be over 400lbs. I love riding my dirt bike and wanted to quit riding when I was so over weight. Now I eat/train/sleep dirt bikes 

Riding Goals

My goals are to win the open A championship in the aces enduro for 2021, I also want to top A rider at the enduros. I will also be going to national enduros, gncc, awrcs, and some other local races Thur out the year and I'm looking to be very competitive at the races. 

Competitive Highlights

2010 awrcs xc1c champion. 1st 

2010 gncc open c 2nd 

2012 gncc open b 2nd 

2015 aces enduros open b champion 1st 

2015 national enduro open b 2nd 

2017,2018,2019 2020, aces enduros 2nd place