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Personal History

Began riding in July '08 on a Suzuki 50 with training wheels.

October '08 on a KTM SX Mini winning 1st & 2nd @ motocross events.

April 2009 on a KTM Jr.

Febuary 2010 on a Cobra, King.  First race of the year at the Areancross in Huntington, WV. Race #1 was ran into and ran over right off the gate...broken right shoulder :(  Out of riding til cleared in May 2010.

July 2010...back in the saddle again!


Riding Goals


To race as many races possible, place very high in my classes & to be riding a KTM Sr....DONE!

I also hope to have sponsors to see my riding skills & I hope to show them how they help me be where I am in my 2009 season.


To totally overcome the "big" crash in Febuary.  To regain my confidence and be out front again on the Cobra, King.  Also to spend alot of time racing this winter season to be ready for 2011 MX season. It will be my last year on a 50. 

Competitive Highlights

After no riding all winter I placed 3rd & 5th @ the Action Sports Arenacross Championship.

I rode like a pro taking the inside of turns, flying through whoops and getting some of my 1st air on the finish line jump!

Oh, and doing an awsome job on the gates.

August 2010...comming back grom the crach and a new powerful bike and is getting some major air and learning tricks from my dad, Dungey, Pourcel and Barcia.