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Personal History

My name is Jordan reyher and I am 16 years old. I have always had a passion for racing enduro and always will have a passion. I have been racing ever since I was 5 and will continue to race until I can’t. My cousins are the ones who have gotten me to where I am today and have always pushed me to my limits. 

Riding Goals

I am hoping to keep finishing my seasons strong with a top 3 or first place each race and begin to push myself even harder each race to make me better than ever. I am hoping to be as fast as my older cousins one day and I know I will eventually get there.

Competitive Highlights

I have won 4 seasons in my life and hoping to win many more not just one but lots. I am usually a tail 3 rider finishing strong every race, I’m always being pushed by the other riders which allows me to ride ever harder. I came in 3rd overall this season in my class which is very good for me and hoping for a first place next season.