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Personal History

My name is Jordan Harms I have been racing since 2008 and riding since 2006. I am 20 years old, 5'11" and 175 pounds. I currently work as a diesel mechanic at Canadian Pacific Railway. I try to practice two times a week and I attend each race in my series. (DMC Motorsports). I like to attend at least one or two nationals a year (Red Bud, Sunset Ridge, Spring Creek). My objective is to secure long lasting, working relationships with motocross associated shops, dealers, and companies in order to further my efforts as a Quad Pro, Quad Open racer.

Riding Goals

        In the 2013 season I hope to achieve success in the Quad Pro and Quad Open Class. I plan to compete in a few ATVA Nationals in the Production A and 450 A classes. I have a big passion for racing so I am working hard to excel in this sport. I am looking for as much support as I can obtain.

Competitive Highlights

2011 DMC Motorsports "Racer of the year"

2011 DMC Motorsports Quad Open Champion

2011 DMC Motorsports Quad Pro 3rd place

2010 DMC Motorsports Quad Open Champion

2011 ATVA Red Bud 450B 5th place