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Personal History

My name is Jonathan Greiner and I am 23 from Indianola Iowa. I used to race for 10 years of my life competitively and have competed in many Amateur nationals including Branson Missouri, Ponca City Oklahoma, I have also won the KTM Supercross challenge in May of 2003 when I was eight years old. I stopped racing to peruse athletics and went on to college to play baseball. I am a fifth year student pursuing elementary education with endorsements in special education and a reading endorsement. I also have a son that has become very fond of motorcycles and has his own that he is learning how to ride. Now that my life is starting to slow back down from school and athletics, I have decided to get back into the motocross scene. I have been back in the sport going on  3 years and  have been riding for fun at local tracks here in Iowa. I have a lot of experience with motorcycles and racing and continued to stay in contact with the racing family while away.  I am very outgoing and get along with many and actively on social media. 

Riding Goals

 For right now I am plan on riding tracks and trails around the Midwest and exploring new areas and different parts of the Midwest. My son will soon be old enough to get into racing or riding and will be widely based on what he would like to-do. As for me, I plan on working my way back into the racing scene and race local series around the Midwest. I have had the oppertunity to be on my bike more than every with the pandemic that is happening around the world. I am spending time with friends riding motorcycles at new tracks around the midwest. I plan on continue to be active in the community and on social media with pictures and videos from riding.

Competitive Highlights

Competitively, I have attended many Loretta Lynn's qualifier and attended many amateur nationals and have finished well. I have attended Ponca City, Branson Mo, and have participated and won in the KTM challenge in Sam Boyd stadium in 2008. I have raced in many local events as well as been very successful in the District 22 series and well as the Missouri Mx series when it was still around.