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Personal History

My name is Jon Dimas i  live in Benson AZ.. I have been Racing since i was 8, In the 80 cc Class i have won three AZ south west motocross championships..Than at 14 i moved up to the LITE'S CLASS, An there i have 1 AZ southwest championships an some race wins the worst top 5..Since 2009 i've been off the bike for a few years due to injuries..Now i am ready to start racing a free riding again.. An would love some support with bike parts an other things thank you for your time..

Jon Dimas MX 821

P.S. i will post photos an videos soon

Riding Goals

Some of my goals are to start winning some races once i start again

An by this time next summer i would like to create a youtube channel an travel all the west coast an ride the tracks an let people know how they are that would be pretty cool

An with some support i would love to go to the east coast an do some in door racing..