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Personal History

  My older brother started racing when I was 5.  My dad told me if I could ride his yz 85 then he would buy me a bike, not expecting me to attempt it. Barely able to touch the foot pegs, he held the bike while I climbed on and rode the bike. My first bike was a pw 50. I have been racing competitively ever since.

Riding Goals

  I plan to finish the 2011 race season racing 250 B at local races, distant races & also the remaining amateur nationals, Mini O's and hopefully Branson.  For 2012 I plan to race 250 B stock/mod, 450 B stock/mod, and Collegeboy 17-24. With 2 years experience in the B classes, I know that I am prepared to be a top 5 contender at every race I attend.  In 2012, I am going to attend the Spring Classic at Mill Creek, Ponca City National, and I plan to qualify for Loretta Lynn's in one B class and Collegeboy. After Loretta's I am going to work towards getting my pro license.  I am very dedicated to motocross. I train every day, ride every other day, and race almost every weekend. I maintain a 3.5 GPA in school, and I am expected to graduate in the spring of 2012.

Competitive Highlights

2005 Loretta Lynn Amateur National, 65 stock 10-11, 36th overall.

2009 Vurb Cup, Schoolboy 2, 4th overall.  Against the "Hired Guns."

2010 Loretta Lynn Amateur National, 250 B stock - 32nd overall.

2011 Loretta Lynn Amateur National, 250 B stock - 28th overall.