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Personal History

I am 13 years old, i've been riding motocross for 3 years now, and i've improved a lot since i started, Icurrently compete in the regional Catalan championship on my kx 85 2014, which is basically the nationals, everyone that competes in the national competes in these regional championship, the winner in this category finishes in the top 5 in Europe, we are going to try nationals at the end of this year. 

School work I go to a semi private school I'm pretty good i get good grades, etc

Riding Goals

Try to win a regional race and get top 15 in a national race.

Competitive Highlights

I´ve been racing for 2 years and a half now and my results have been excepcional in my eyes, compared to all the riders whom have been racing since they were 4 years old. My best result in a regional in a moto has been a 6 position finishing close to the leaders...