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Personal History

Im Joe, i'm 15 and i live in the United Kingdom. I Race for Hants and Dorset youth motocross club every other week. I ride a KTM 125 in the senior class which is equvilant to 14-17 125/250f. Ive been riding for  years and have basicly taught myself how to ride fast, have never been able to afford decent tuition. I dont have the luxary of a camper van so have to get up at stupid times in the morning to get to races but do it evrytime because i love to ride! I do really well in school, targeted for top grades in evry subject and can commit to anything if i put my mind to it. I like to go out for bike rides to relax and to keep my fitness at a good level.

Riding Goals

My goals for next season are to get consistant top 10 finishes in evry race and to race for other clubs to gain more experiance and ultimately become a better, faster rider.

Competitive Highlights

I dont have a single highlight form my racing, just when you know that you are doing really well in a race and you are battling with a good rider, the satisfaction is undescribable. Losing sucks, Winning is amazing.