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Personal History

I live in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire, and I love to ski and play soccer. I work hard in school, and I participate in many clubs. I work for a construction company during the summer and work for a grocery store during the winter. I live very active and always love to be moving. I have 3 dogs and a sister.

Riding Goals

I ride because I enjoy it, it's my favorite sport. Being as busy of a person as I make myself, motocross is a nice change of pace. I do motocross because of my passion for it. If it is in my power, I do not see myself quitting motocross anytime soon. My goal is to race at the pro level by the time I'm 17 or 18 years old (I'm 15 years old at the moment) and I want to make it not just my passion, but also my job.