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Personal History

My name is Jesse Alvarado, I'm 18 and I'm going to start racing 250's. Growing up my dad was the one who introduced dirt bikes into my life. Being from Dallas, TX it wasn't hard to find tracks. I started out with a KLX110 and I remeber going to little tracks like "Village Creek, Marshall Creek, Shady Grove" Every weekend just having fun. I quit riding when I was about ten and my dad never really stepped me up onto another bike so the sport died in my family. I moved to Arkansas with my mom and over here its all about 4-wheelers. I recently graduated high school and was looking into joining the Army then I realized I want to do what makes me happy. So I started riding again.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are high and my potential and drive are higher. To me being in AMA Supercross is a goal and not a dream. It's not for the money nor the fame, I remember as a kid looking up to riders like "Ezra Lusk, Jeremy McGrath, Chad Reed and Ricky Carmichael" I want kids to look up to me as an ispriration and a role model. Letting them know you don't have to practice all your life to make it to the pros. If you have the drive to be the best and the will to go through the stuggles you can do it. It sounds corny ,but I'm true to the core.