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Personal History

My name is Jeron Parker Boggess. I was born on 10/10/10 pretty cool right!  I am from the little town called Eldorado, Illinois. I am know for my sense of humor. I like to make people laugh. My favorite color is pink . Sometimes so is my curly hair! I like to race with my cousin Quenton, we are 10 1/2 months apart. My friends call me JerBog my number is 010. I race a 2011 Cobra 65cc dirt bike and a 2018 Can am DSX 90 cc quad. I started out racing a couple county fairs then went to Motocross Series indoor/outdoor. I just started Enduro Series on both bike and quad. I absolutely love it. It is so challenging and love not knowing what to expect. I love meeting new people at the races and traveling. My family is my cheering section at every race there’s always a big group. They are loud and proud!  I have always been involved in sports since the age of 3 til now I play basketball, baseball and football. I believe you must have good sportsmanship at all times. You may not always win but must always do your very best! I have a little cousin Brixton that looks up to me . I want to set a good example for cause he’s only 22months old. I am going to teach him to ride as he gets bigger. 

Riding Goals

I want to continue to learn and grow as a rider. I hope to go pro someday and make riding my career. I want little kids to one day look up to me and want to ride. I want to do my own stunts lol!! Most of all I want to make my family proud! I love making new friends and the competition pushes me to be better.  I recently finished the Western Kentucky Arenacross Indoor Series were I finished top in the points in 3 class overall... 2nd in 70-90 Auto quad 7-15 year olds riding a 2 stoke 90 Apex, 3rd in 65 7-9 year olds on 2011 65 Cobra and 4th in 65 7-11 year olds on 2011 65 Cobra. The competition was intense in this series a lot talented riders from several states came to Kentucky to ride due covid having their states closed down. I got to help my 2 year old cousin Brixton race his first series in the Stryder bike class placing 4th overall in points. This little dude is ready for the Stacyc bike class now. He is going to be a great little rider.  During the 2020 Crossroads Racing Series I finished the points series Overall Intermediate Quad Class 8th and Overall 90cc Class7th on 2019 90 Can-am.... Overall Intermediate Bike 10th and Overall Bike 65cc  8th on 2011 65 Cobra.  2019/2020 MidAmerica Arenacross in Kentucky finished 1st 70-90 7-13 year olds Auto and 3rd 90 7-15 year olds Limited Overall in class points.