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Personal History

The year is 2010 and I am 147 years and this will be my 3rd year racing Motocross.  I got to race on Ametuer Day at Arena Cross in Council Bluffs.  It was very tense!!  Our tracks are changing every year to different locations and this year we are branching out to new tracks.  I have my AMA Card now so not only can I keep competing in our Midwest Series but also branch out to some AMA tracks to further my Moto experience. 

Riding Goals

To be in the top 5!!! or less...    April 11th was the first race and I took 4th place out of 24 bikes!  I hope to race as much and as many places that I can.

Competitive Highlights

This past weekend was probably the largest starting gate that I have started in.  There were 24 bikes and I almost had the hole shot by 2 and 3 in the two heats that I was in.  The race was intense.  I was proud of where I finished which was 4th over all out of 24 bikes.  There were some tough racers there and some that I have never beaten in the past 2 years that I did this race!!   The next race is not going to come soon enough for me!!!!