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Personal History

I obtained my pro license in 2001.  In 2010, I took some time off because I had a family.  I have 2 boys, Jadd (4 years old) and Jase (3 years old).  The boys are starting to get to the age where we can all go riding.  I bought my 4 year old a brand new PW 50 in Spring.  My son Jadd will be racing in 2016 and we both can't wait to race locally and regionally.  This summer we have been training and getting ready for the 2016 season.

I grew up at the race track and I have awesome memories growing up and I can't wait to make memories with my family at the track.

We would love to have our family sponsored.  The boys look up to me and other riders.  They learned their colors based off bike colors.  "Yamaha Blue", "Kawasaki Green", etc.  I realized their love for the sport when we sit down and watch the races on TV and they know know the riders, their numbers, the kind of bike.  It's amazing.  We went to our first outdoor national as a family and they said this is what they want to be when they grow up.  Their love for the sport has made my hunger return.

Riding Goals

My riding goals this year are to race locally at the Pro Ams in Open A, plus 25A and plus 30A.  I'm determined to qualify for Loretta Lynn's and I would love to get my pro license back. 

My son Jadd will also be racing locally at the Pro Ams in the Peewee Junior class and he is also determined to qualify for Loretta Lynn's in shaft-driven class.

Competitive Highlights

2014- Raced Tigerton Pro Am and took 3rd overall.

2007-present raced a few local races and always placed in top 3.

Obtain Pro License from 2001-2007.

Ran East coast Supercross in 2002-2007

Qualified at Pontiac Supercross in 2002.

2001- District 16 and Northern Cup Champion in 125A and 250A and Open

2000- District 16 and Northern Cup Champion in 125B and 250B

1999- District 16 and Triple Cross Series- 2nd place in 125 Junior and 125C Champion

1999- 15th overall at Loretta Lynn’s in 125C Stock.

1998- 4th in points in District 16 in 80CC 12-15 year old.

1999-present I’ve been a mentor and mechanic to Nathen LaPorte- a Wisconsin Privateer who has been qualifying for 90% of the Pro Nationals.