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Rider Updates

Oct 7 2020

  1. Finished the season, and it came down to the last race, but ended up winning the district championship. 

Jul 30 2020

Did a few races and placed in the top spot, running second in points for the series

Sep 13 2018

Had a very busy summer so not a lot of races, but did manage to race last weekend at a GP!! Had a good start mid pack and caught a few riders, second race was a dead engine start and bike didn’t start. I played catch up the whole race and snagged a fifth place. Looking forward to the double header weekend at Dyracuse recreational park. Gp on Saturday and a hare scramble on Sunday!!

May 8 2017

Rode hard at the Adams county hare scramble. It was a great race and a full line up. Got a pretty good start, and hit the woods in third place.  Caught second place in the woods about 2 miles in. Started to run down first place. Had third place on my heals so pushed it hard and the leader made a mistake. We both got around him and I was in the lead. Started pulling away from second and ended up losing the front end in a corner, which put me in fourth. Got up and started chasing, caught third place and pushed hard to catch the leaders. Held a good pace but just couldn't close the gap. Took home a third which was respectable for the competition that was there, and for only riding twice prior to this race. 

Sep 21 2015

Finished the last district hare scramble race for the season yesterday. Ended up winning A Class!! Rode hard all day, great way to end the season. It'll be close for points for the championship. Now for some relaxing trail riding and focusing on next season or possibly ice racing. 

Jun 8 2015

Busy next few weeks. Raced yesterday at Arkansaw motocross park for a dual district hare scramble. It rained a couple inches the night before so the course was very messy. I crashed plenty of times causing me to get off course and end up in the brush down hill. Hard getting traction in the mud to get back uphill on the course. No major damage to bike or body, time to regroup and focus on the next race. 

Apr 1 2015

The weather has been good! Spring has been dry, got the bikes all ready to rip! This week we're cutting new trail in for the season. I've got a few new riders to add to the crew. Their excitement for the season keeps me motivated! 

Sep 9 2014

Raced the cranberry bogs enduro on Sunday. Conditions were perfect for riding!!  Got minute one which was good for this closed course race. The trail was awesome, I rode hard and smart, focusing on keeping the mistakes to a minimum. Ended up with a second in Vet A class. Had several people compliment on my riding. 

Sep 4 2014

July 20th dual district hare scramble at fox valley off-road in Wedron, IL. Had the hole shot, but had two bikes get past me. Pushed hard to chase them down, only to find out the leader missed a corner. Causing us to get off course. That ended up costing me first place in district. 

August 3rd district hare scramble at CMJ raceway in Hixton, WI. Good at for racing, cool and breezy. Started out in third behind two slower riders. Finally got past them just to have the whole class lined up behind me. Pushed hard the first. Few laps but ended up with a flat rear tire. Held onto third most of the race until my tire totally came off the last lap. Two riders got past me. Leaving me in 5th. 

August 17 back to Stone Lake, got the hole shot and led out of the motocross section. Had a few guys get past. Half way through the first lap we had a bunch of riders from a different class come on the trail in front of us. So now we were stuck behind them as the leaders got away from us. Ended up getting third for district. 

August 24th dual district hare scramble in Byron,IL. It was hot and muggy. It had just rained the day before. This was a clay  country. Had a good start, but made too many mistakes and ended up getting third. 

Sep 4 2014

July 13 hare scramble at summit lake game farm in stone lake.  Got a good start rode hard with a flat front tire. Ended up winning my class and district. 


Jul 11 2014

New bottom end in the bike. Ready to race at stone lake. In door county with the family for some r & r. After we get back home, load up and head out to race!

Jun 27 2014

Had some time off from riding, due to some bike repairs. Shocks were revalved, getting ready for the loose moose enduro! Pretty excited about it. Bringing the new camper, so no hotel this time. 

May 25 2014

Rode hard today at a moto track. Pushed it for hours. Arms are really sore. Was a very good work out. They had a woods loop, but it was very beat up. I was there to have fun. I pounded out a few half hour Motos, had a lot of numbness in hands and slight arm pump. Practiced on corner speed and corner form. I haven't felt this whooped in a while. Gonna ride again in a few days. Hare scramble this weekend!! 

Apr 29 2014

First race of the season, got the holeshot.  Lead the race, which was good because it was raining all day.  Rode smart to stay out of the mud holes and keep the bike on two wheels.  The race was cut short because of weather. I ended up finishing second, due to a bad lap which put me off my pace.  I was happy with the results.  I was hopeing for a top 5 finish, so this was a good race.  

Apr 23 2014

Rode hard last night on some new trail we cut in. Feeling sore from practice, but it's all part of the process. Racing a district hare scramble Sunday, in Adams, WI. 

Mar 23 2014

The weather is starting to warm up.  I've been in the woods a lot helping my parents make firewood, it's my off season work out.  Finishing up some projects to keep me moving forward once race season starts.  I have got a few new properties to lay out practice tracks on. My dad bought a bull dozer which might make for a productive summer.

Jan 13 2014

Weather is warmer than normal. A few guys are studding up for ice riding. My tires are still off the bike. I have too many other winter projects, which need to get finished first. I'm sure they'll let me know how fun it was riding. 

Nov 5 2013

It's warm out today, the sun is shining.  I'm stuck at work. A little buddy of mine just went from a 85 to a 125, his dad called and wants me to teach him. The daylight savings make it hard to ride after work and school. Not many nice days left, maybe this weekend. The district awards banquet is Saturday. The banquet will be at a water park. My kids will love that. 

Oct 4 2013

I am the 2013 class A district champion.  It was the final race of the season.  All I had to do was finish. I got the hole shot and was leading the pack. The corse was new so I had to be ready for fresh trail. It started getting quiet behind me, I saw wrong way signs up. I whipped it around to see where I missed the turn. As the pack was coming at me, I turned around again. I saw another rider go by on an adjacent trail. I hopped in behind him and hoped for the best. As I went through the scoring tent, I saw I was in 4th place. I got by a few riders and was in second place most of the race. The last lap I had a competitor close in on me. I put my head down and got away from him in the sandy motocross section. As I entered the woods I noticed my bike sounded different. I decided to not push it too hard. I let two riders past me and ended up getting fourth, which was ok for me, because I just needed to finish this race. That night I had an empty feeling about the day. I was doing so good until I missed that corner. I wanted a win to finish the season, but had to keep the bike together to cross the finish line. In the end I won the district, so I'm pleased with that. I tore the motor down and found my reeds were cracked and about to let loose. I'm glad I used my best judgement to prevent any more damage. 

Sep 13 2013

August 25th, district race at Byron,IL. I headed down Saturday afternoon. I wanted to be fresh for the race, and it was a 4 hour drive.  I slept on an air mattress in my jeep. Morning came and I worked my way to the enduro cross section. It was mostly logs layed out a at different angles. Eventually race time came up.  I wasn't too nervous, because I remembered the type of terrain, and it wasn't too gnarly. It was a pretty good start onto the moto track. I was in the top 5 into the woods, I rode a good race and made only few mistakes on the last lap. I finished 8th of the two districts, but 2nd in my district. 

September 7th, WIXC race at Tisch Mills,WI. This was the second day of the doubleheader, so I wasn't expecting a huge turnout. The flag went up and we blasted across the field into the woods. I kept pace with the leaders. I was almost running over the guys ahead of me. I knew I needed to get past them. Eventually I picked a faster line and slipped past them. I was in second place overall. I held that for most of the race until a AA rider slowly caught me. The wide open sections, he could pull away, but in the woods I would be on his back tire. Eventually he pulled too much of a lead and got away. I still pushed hard, and eventually won my class and finished 3rd overall. This race got my confidence back up. 

Aug 20 2013

August 18th, dual district race at Summit Lake Game Farm.  I arrived a day early, and camped out.  The day was perfect, although a little dry.  The race got underway and I found myself chasing down racers and moving my way up the group.  The dry weather made the first section of two track very dusty.  As we entered the woods, I slowly caught up to some riders.  I passed a few and had the next in sight.  As I went to pass I missed a corner and ended up down at the bottom of a steep hill.  So there I sat looking up as the rest of the pack rode by.  I eventually got out and started to regroup.  I rode a descent pace and ended up 11th.  According to the times, with my pace I could have placed 4th or 5th.  Sunday is another race in Illinois.  I feel good and plan to ride smart and hard.

Aug 10 2013

July 14th, WIXC race in Mountain, WI.  I wasn't planning to race, but one of my good friends was planning to race, so I figured I'd suit up.  The race got under way and I had a pretty good start. I was in 4th after the first corner.  I held a good pace and almost caught second place a lap from the end.  I ended up winning A Class and taking 3rd overall. 

A week later I found myself back at fox valley offroad in Wedron, IL.  I was determined to have a better race than last time.  I was third after we got to the woods.  I was keeping pace with the leaders and knew I just needed  to hang in there for my chance at the lead.  About halfway into the first lap, I missed a corner and ended up getting all turned around.  The rest of the class got by me, I played catch up for a while and ended up missing another corner.  I was heart broken, it seemed to be mistake after mistake.  I just couldn't my rythem.  I ended up taking 5th in my class.  Its time to redeem myself.


Aug 2 2013

Mid season break, I raced at fox valley off road in wedron, IL. It had rained the night before which made the hard pack clay extremely slippery. This would be the first time for me at this facility. It was a challenging course with the enduro cross and muddy hill climbs. I ended up taking fourth in open A class. 

June 23rd was a local favorite race at Navarino ski hill for WIXC hare scramble series. I woke up with some nasty flu like symptoms. I layed in bed all morning debating what to do. My sister showed up ready to watch me race. I told her I felt sick, but she kept insisting I get up and try to race. Finally I did manage to make it to the race. After sign up, I about lost my cookies. I managed to do the race and ended up placing second in A Class and fifth overall. I'm glad I pushed through and did the race. 

June 30th was a district race at CMJ Raceway in Hixton,WI. Weather was perfect, the course had some new sections. I got the hole shot! I was leading my race, after a pretty tight section it got quiet behind me. I feared I had missed a corner some where, I slowed down and looked back to see if I just blew my lead. A moment later here came the pack. I got back on it, but now they could see me and used me as a guide for the corse and a target. Two riders got ahead of me. I stayed with them and eventually was back in second. I followed the leader for a bit and new I could ride faster, eventually he made a mistake and went down in a corner. After seeing he wasn't hurt I took off to lead again. About half way another rider got past me, I ended up getting second place, which was hard earned. 

Jun 9 2013

Fun weekend planned for the Loose Moose National Enduro in Marquette,MI.  My little sister called and told me she had off the 9th, she asked if there were any races going on.  I told her I wasnt planning any, she persuaded me to look into the national enduro.  The job I was scheduled to work the Saturday before, got rescheduled and basically opened up my weekend.  We headed out Saturday morning.  We got up to the race in time for me to trail sweep the mini moose.  I had some good seat time.  I needed to sweep the fork seals out because they were leaking.  Sunday morning was perfect, we got on site and got ready.  After the first row got going the nerves started to settle.  My sister had to carry gas for two other riders a minute behind me.  The race was awesome, the trail flowed nice and had plenty of technical spots.  I had a belly ache half way through, but ate some food  and felt good the rest of the race.  I was packed and ready to head out, when my sister asked how I did.  I figured we may as well check it out.  After going through all the classes they finally posted my results, I always scan from bottom up.  I took first!! I was 30 seconds ahead of second place.  So I had to hang out for awards.  It was a great experience for my sister and me.

Jun 2 2013

Race at Kewaunee,WI.  WIXC series, cool morning.  Got a pretty good start, found a bunch of mud, got a bunch of roost.  Course was super fast, had my rear brakes go out after 10 minutes of riding.  Slowed down my pace to keep the bike on the trail.  Pitted twice to try to get brakes working, thought I had problem solved, ended up losing my shift lever.  Pitted again to install back up shift lever.  Hit the trail again ended up finishing 6th.  Probably my worst race mechanically. 

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