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Personal History

Hello, I grew up on a dairy farm and had to learn how to work as a young kid.  At a very young age my mother said I would take things appart to see how they worked, which is where I got my mechanical ability.  Through out gradeschool and into high school my father got us into wrestling which is where I learned about hard work and dedication.  I ended up going to state three years in high school taking 6th, 3rd and 2nd.  My senior year I was undefeated and lost in the state finals in the last 22 seconds of the match.  My team ended up winning the team championship, I was elected MVP of the team.  I was on the state wrestling team which was made of seniors to compete against another state, there was only thirteen spots on the team and I was picked of all other seniors at my weight class in the state.  After wrestling season was over I competed in track as a pole vaulter, I did alright won some meets hear and there and went to state my senior year.  After high school I went to a tech school for heating and A/c service, because i had lots of hobbies and they all costed money.  Through out the next few years I would take my motorcycle(which was a street bike) out west with my buddies and do some sight seeing and camping in the national forests.  In the winter I would go out west snowboarding usually weeks at a time.  I eventually got a dirtbike and rode a little in my parents woods.  I did this routine for a few years and eventually got married and had some kids...We built a house bought some land and started to live the american dream.  I slowly stopped getting out snowboarding and never made it back out west with the bike, but I still had the dirtbike, so I would get with the boys once or twice a week to ride.  Soon we were building jumps, eventually we would go to a track to ride. After that we really started to take off.  The next year we got our ama cards and did some races.  We did some Motos and Hare Scrambles.  We decided we wanted more ride time than MX had to offer.  Hare Scrambles were a bit technical from what we were used to, but eventually we started building trails on rough terrain to practice on.  Now I am trying to offset the cost of a hobby as much as I can, because women seem to find certain things are not a good investment.  Other than that I am a hard working individual, who has a bad itch to be a young kid and just can't hold it in.  I pretty much need to be challenged and need something to give me a release of stress.  I feel I am a born competitor and need to challenge myself, I tried to be the average family man, but I just can't.


Thanks for your time

Jeff Schmidt 

Riding Goals

In 2015 I want to dominate races and end up finishing in the top of  the series I race in.  I would like to get my family more involved so they can feel like part of the team.  The 2013 season I raced in A class and won the district championship.  I want to start competing in Enduros and do a few Motos.  I've started competing I National Enduros. Possibly next season I'll compete in a few GNCC races. I plan to do the district hare scramble series and more WIXC races.  My son has started riding, so we may go to some motocross events to get him exposed to other riders.  I've also been looking at a dual sport to participate in dual sport rides. 

Competitive Highlights

Just got started racing, but so far a big highlight was not finishing last my first race and actually placing 6th out of 19 in my first hare scramble, which was considered a very technical course even by A class riders.  That was a proud day for me.  We drove 3 hours to race for 2 hours, my buddy didn't finish a lap because it was way too much for what we were expecting.  So I had 2 hours to give him a hard time.  The next hare scramble I brought another buddy of mine, who made one lap and said that was enough.  Again he got to hear about it the whole ride home.  I ended up taking 3rd at that race and 4th the next day.

In 2013 I competed in my first National Enduro and ended up winning my class!  That same year I won district hare scramble.  I also beat a long time rival, and placed 2nd overall in a WIXC hare scramble. 

In 2014 I took second in the district hare scramble series.  The championship came down to the last race, but I didn't have quite enough points. I ended up behind by 3 points.