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Rider Updates

Feb 12 2015

Sunday was my last race in "B" class in D37 Desert Series.  Got bumped up to A now!! I guess I had better step it up!

Thanks for all your support!!  Went from novice to Expert in less than 1 year!

-Jason Watson #017 "A" 

Jan 11 2015

Raced the first race of the Desert D37 Season, got a bad start which is normally what I'm great at, it was a 3 kick start.....oops.

After that I had to work my way to the front of the pack and ended up getting up towards the front, ended up winning my class, but was shooting for the top 10 OA Ammie class, a course worker said I was possibly top 5 out of 50+ riders and Im in Geezer class (40+)

It rained all night and into the day, the bomb run was pouring rain and the course had a lot of mud and shiners!!! (half buried sharp rocks that turn you into a pinball!!) So I tried to ride smart and it paid off.

It was tough to say the least since I didnt wear goggles for the entire race of near 90 miles. But still pulled it off.

Thank you to all my sponsors, I dont know that I could do it without you guys! 

Dec 21 2014

Prepping race bikes for the season, making some orders to get it back into shape! Thanks to all my sponsors!! My bike will be looking good, and running good.  

Nov 25 2014

Well Sundays race didnt go too well, got a front flat during the bomb run, washed out on an uphill trying to catch the leaders, had trouble starting bike and then got a rear flat, then stopped to help a downed rider, second to last place....oh well.

Nov 16 2014

Well missed an awesome ride yesterday and an Enduro today, its tough not being able to ride this weekend, however I gotta tear a motor down to fix the transmission so I can race next weekend. 

Its still painful knowing others are banging bars and I'm wrenching away..

Either way, next weekend there is another Desert Scramble, if I cant get parts in time for the YZ, then the AF500 is gonna be my ride! 

Nov 5 2014

Went playing out in Ocotillo Wells OHV Sat and Sun, had a blast, took out the AF500 (CRF250r frame with a 2001 CR500 2-stroke motor) the thing is a monster!! GOt a good 11 hours of riding in 2 days to try ad keep myself in shape.  Split my time between the KX450 and the AF500, which one do I like best?? Well the AF500 cna climb ANYTHING and the KX450f feels more solid going fast through the desert.  

Since I broke 5th gear and the rear brake on the YZ (my primary racebike) I am gonna switch racebikes and finish the last 3 races on different machine. 


Next race is next weekend at Johnson Valley and its gonna be a Desert Scramble, generally a 70 mile 2 loop race, I generally do pretty well in those so I am hoping for  1st in class like I did in the last Desert Scramble.  This time on the 2013 KX450f, hopefully I can win by even more than 10 minutes like last time, now with a more powerful bike I am shooting for a 15 minute gap! 


Pretty excited actually, and I wanted to thank all my sponsors for the support, I counldt without you guys!!  I hope to report back with a with this weekend!!

Oct 27 2014

Race the 100 National Hare and Hound, went good till I lost 6th gear, got lost for about 10 minutes and broke off my rear brake pedal, still managed a 2nd in class D37, 4th nationally.  I was really disappointed.  I really wanted that 1st place!!!! Oh well not bad for a broken bike and being lost, is what it is I suppose.

My next national will be as an Expert so I guess we will see how that goes!!

Oct 21 2014

Had to work, no D38 race for me, but on Sunday I got to practice for the upcoming National hare and Hound on Sunday.

I only have 2 transfers left till Expert, I am hoping for a 1st place in class this Sunday!! best finish in a National in the past year has been a 2nd place, just gotta make sure I dont have any crashes and I should hopefully have it! We shall soon see!

Oct 14 2014

Thinking about racing D38 this weekend, I normally race D37 but D38 is a litle more Baja style with a faster pace and more WOT stuff, I used to race baja so maybe I will see if I still got it!

Oct 14 2014

Track day was super fun, ended up riding for over 50 miles at the track!

I got to try on my new gear, the Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Chest protector, 5.5 neck brace, and the 3DF Softshell elbow pads.  It all meshes together like a glove, totally comfortable and not restrictive in the least bit!

And stayed really cool and didnt make me feel too hot since it seems to have very good ventilation, super stoked on all my new gear.  Thanks Leatt!!! I may have to order another smaller hydration pack, my larger one is too big to fit under the chest protector so once I get one I can put under that will be the perfect combo!



Oct 12 2014

Heading out to RPMX motocross track, then gonna go ride some single track afterward, gonna be a good day!

Oct 7 2014

Update on Shamrocks Dual Euros and Sunday's Scramble.

Turns out I went 3 for 3! 1st place in all 3 events, pretty stoked!  Not bad considering I raced 2nd euro with a flat the entire 3rd loop and a front flat for 60 out of 70 miles on Sundays Scramble.

I think I need to run bibs for any races in Barstow from now on, haha! Land of the shark fins and baby heads!!

Sep 29 2014

Raced the Shamrocks races this weekend went really well for the most part, Took 1st OA on the line in both Dual Euro races, and Sundays Scramble had a big crash but only lost 3 positions, took a while to get my bearings since I suffered a flash knockout and didnt know which way to go on the course till I saw riders pass by.  

Got up and passed 1 of them back but couldnt get any further up due to a flat front tire suffered in the fist 10 miles of the first loop.  I am hoping that I still won first in class, but dont have the results yet and was a little loopy yesterday so I forgot to check the finisher board...oops.

Sep 23 2014

Went riding in the rocks of Johnson Valley on Sunday, getting ready for this weekends races, I have (2) 1 hour races on Saturday and a 65 miler on Sunday, gonna be a blast.  Just got all my new gear from Leatt yesterday, stoked!!


Sep 8 2014

Raced at the Ranch in Anza! Was the West coast hare scramble nationals on Saturday, 4th "B" but I was only racing for regional points as I am not specifically competing for that Championship it pays D37 Desert points though.

Not sure on results for regional, but was 4th as far as Nationals were concerned, I will find out more later on, hoping for top 2 in Regional!

Then Sunday was the BIG 6 GP series, not sure where I placed, but according to my line where I started I never got passed by anybody but the Pros, (Ricky Brabec, Colton Udall, and a few others) but I ended up catching the expert line and got around about 4 of them and there were only 9 guys in that line, hoping for a top 3 in that one, just waiting fro results from Mototally.

Thanks for all your support!!  So stoked to have people working with me to help me concentrate on racing!!!


Sep 4 2014

Prepping bikes for racing this weekend! 

Saturday is a Hare scramble, and Sunday is a GP race.

I will be racing the YZ250 on Saturday on the tighter course and the KX450 on the GP course, cant wait!

Sep 3 2014

Just made an order through Torc 1 Racing for some new levers and controls, and to HDX Hydration mix, thanks again for the help! 


Aug 31 2014

Labor day weekend! Heading out to practice at a local spot with a rock quarry, gonna get in some good moto training in the rocks!! Gonna be warm.

Aug 30 2014

So glad I found this site that helps create the connections necessary for people like myself that are trying to secure sponsorships in order to keep racing at such a high frequency.   I am doing all I can to make my sponsors glad they are helping me by trying to win each and every race I enter.

Thanks for all your help, its great knowing I can count on everyone for help and products when needed, and being that off-road racing is a needy sport I will be using every bit of support that can be provided to me by the likes of these amazing companies ran by awesome people like yourselves.

Thanks again for all your help!