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Personal History

I am a Desert racer that enjoys racing and riding as much as possible! Started racing again at 41 years old after a 20+ year break. After racing a couple events and seeing that I still had it, I jumped in with both feet and raced the entire 2015 season in AMA District 37 (Desert) Series as well as the AMA National hare and Hound and the California Scrambles series 

I ended up placing 2nd in the NHHA Championship due to missing one round and having a DNF at another, so close!! Then I took 3rd OA in the 40+ (Expert) California Scrambles series and 3rd place OA in 40+ Expert in D37 (Desert) series.

Luckily I was one of the few people to earn enough transfers from racing to go all the way from a Novice rider to Expert within one year of joining the District 37 Competition Series!!  Now I am just trying to gain as much support as possible in order to continue to be able to race and eventually win the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship!! No more 2nd place!!! Although getting 2nd place this year in my first attempt isnt terrible I suppose but very frustrating as one could imagine!! If I can make all the rounds and have no mechanical issues I should be able to achieve that goal.  I have a 2nd place placard that reminds me how close I was and that I CAN do it!!

Thanks to all my current sponsors, I really appreciate the support!  It helps more than I can say with words!

Hoping to do even better in 2016!!

-Jason (AKA) Speed-Freek


Riding Goals

To have fun and ride as much as possible, simple as that!  Always trying to improve and always try and better myself and keep my fitness at a level to where I can stay able to compete at a National level as well as a regional one. So far in 2015 I am leading the points in my class in National Hare and Hound Series, and 4th O/A in class  in District 37 AMA Desert Series

Competitive Highlights

First race back in over 20 years and won one of the Toughest races in the world (as named by Dirt Rider magazine)  Last year at Last Dog standing (Extreme Enduro) I ended up taking a 1st in class!!


Also won the overall at the RUTS Euro Scramble in over 100 degree heat, 1st place on Saturday and 2nd place on Sunday by less than 60 seconds, dangit!  At least I got the Overall

Currently NHHA points leader in class and 4th OA in District 37 AMA Desert (Senior Expert open class)