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Personal History

I started to ride dirt bikes when I was only 3 years old my first bike was a XR 50 and I got into racing though my dad and his brothers and I found bikes interesting because of what I would see my uncles doing and riding movies after I road my XR 50 for awhile I raced my first race and placed 9th and then I was hooked on racing I wanted to do it and it was all I could think about so after racing for awhile and when I got older I got a KX 65 was my first 2 stroke and that was a big learning step from how to ride it the correct way and though all this my dad was the one to teach me everything I know after getting use to my KX 65 I started to compete in a racing’s series called WORCS and I raced 65 C and I raced for the whole year and I placed 2nd for the year, So the next year i entered 65 B I raced the whole year and placed 1st but in this same year I raced a CR 85 in the bigger class 85 - 150 c and i finished 3rd in that class as well. Next year I ditched the small class also got a CRF 150r and I entered 85 - 150 B, super mini B I raced about half a the year and I ended up crash at home practicing and I broke my upper femur and that put me out for awhile when I came back from being out I decided to try something new my sister raced quads all her life and when she got a new bike her old one became available so I did a race on it to see where I stand on a quad and I entered a class called School boy B and I raced and got 1st. So the next year I did a whole year on a quad just to try and I raced 2 classes 15 - 29 C, Production C and around this time I was 13. I raced quads all that year and I ended up with a 1st place championship for both classes and I liked it so I wanted to do quads again the next year. I showed up to the first round at Vegas at the orleans arena and entered 15 - 29 B I raced and I lapped everyone in the race and finished 1st later on that day I got called to registration and they told me I was to fast for B so that bumped me up to the A class and that my times where good enough to qualify me for Pro-am the night show so I get ready for that I line up for the race with people I watched when I was younger some of my idols and role models and the green flag drops I get a decent start I’m in 2nd and I just ride and I was like nobody could touch me and I ride till the race is over and I finish 1st in Pro-am but not only did I finish 1st in Pro-am i overall 3rd with the Pros so I get a check first ever money I made form racing and popped champagne was a night I will never forget. And the rest Of the year i race Production A and Pro-am  I have a few podiums and get more money and I finish 3rd end of the year in Production A. I race the next year and have a decent year and finish 2nd In pro-am and 2nd in Production A.  After my  2 years in the Pro-am class I want to move to Pro so for the 2020 racing season I make my Pro debut and this year I ended up with 5th place in the WORCS racing series. Also in the 2020 year i race dirt bikes again in the best in the desert series and end up with a 2nd in the Expert class. And with some local racing i race pro on a dirt bike and Been finishing 1st. 

Riding Goals

My goals are to race dirt bikes and quads and keep winning and getting championships. 

Competitive Highlights

65 C Championship 2nd 

65 B Championship 1st 

85 - 150 C Championship 3rd

Supermini C 3rd 

85 - 150 A Championship 1st 

15 - 29 C championship 1st 

Production C 1st 

Production A championship 3rd

Pro-am championship 3rd 

Production A championship 2nd 

Pro-am 2nd 

Pro championship 5th