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Personal History

Won numerous races in amateur rank 85cc class...a class...a local team was formed called Cycle Concepts. It was a 7 person amateur national team...went to lorettas, and mini o's our whole racing era....I went to area qualifiers and regional qualifiers throughout the nation to seek lorettas on a 125, and 250...worked hard and did well.. Due to growing up and then having kids, and not making it injury, I didn't ride for like 6 I've been training hard and plan on going to lorettas 2021 in +35 stoked and have been really on it the past 2 kids got me back into racing again instead of just riding around. They ride as well, soon to race... the family aurora at the races....stoked!!! Braaap!!

Riding Goals

Make it to Lorettas +35 in 2021, And let my children enjoy the races and riding!! We love it!!

Competitive Highlights

Was known as the quad god on 85's...if there was two close doubles jumps most the time I could quad them, was trained by pro trainer for our amateur team cycle concepts...Ryan Clark ..braaap....on 125cc's and 250's went to the 2002 u.s. Arenacros championship...placed top 5 in both classes. In 2003 went to broome tioga regional and qualified for lorretas in 125B stock class...crashed out in practice and had shattered my right leg in numerous spots....ended my and work came with a my little family lives and loves the sport...