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Personal History

I’m 45 years old and  I own my own outfitting business where I do guided upland bird hunts as well as raising hunting dogs. I started riding when I was five years old on an italajet 50cc. I have four daughters and one grandson that will be racing soon 

Riding Goals

My goals for the future are to win a intermediate state championship and for my boy to learn the joys and excitement that racing brings and the responsibility that comes with it. I want to be a positive influence on and off the track to help the sport of motocross and cross country grow and reach new riders of all disciplines. 

Competitive Highlights

In 1992 my first year of racing I won the TCCRA 125 am state championship in 1993 I finished 5th overall in 125 expert and in       2003 I finished 5th overall in TCCRA open expert and third overall in TORO open expert in 2019 I won over 45 amateur state championship in TCCRA in the 2020 season I finished out the year as the over 45 state champion I’m now 045 int mediate state champion