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Personal History

Hello, my name is James Watson and I am 25 years old. I grew up racing motocross and raced for many years. I am originally from Colorado and raced from 65s up to schoolboy when I was younger. I had some severe injuries when I was a teenager that made me give up on the sport for a few years and focus on life. I have now graduated college, working as a mechanic at a dealership and happily married to my supportive wife. I ride as much as possible as it's a great way to stay in shape, build lasting friendships and truly enjoy life. I will be racing every chance I get and will always be shooting to better myself. I grew up with a brother who was a pro rider and he has helped me gain all my fundamentals with riding. This is my first year back in the sport from an 8 year break, but I feel as if I have progressed a ton already. I hope to be back at my full potential as soon as possible and am aiming to win all the races I compete in.  

Riding Goals

I am currently racing the Vet Sport class in the GLMX, Morelands Motocross and Michigan State District 14 Series. I know my riding abilities will push me further and allow me to race 25+ within the next few years. I am currently competing at a series here in Michigan at a local track called Morelands Supercross. This has been a great way for me to get my feet wet and get used to banging bars with other riders. I will be racing AMA races at the end of summer, once this series has ended. Next year, I want to race many AMA races around Michigan and have set high standards for Redbud. I finished the Morelands series in the 3rd and excited for much more races in the near future. 

Competitive Highlights

I have won 3 state championships in Colorado when I was younger,I came in 2nd and 3rd in the previous years. I qualified and raced Ponca on 80s and would love to revisit the track in the future. I am currently woking on an overall championship this year in Vetsport, and will be riding with the focus on 1st place.