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Personal History

Since getting my first bike, a 1980 Honda XR80, for my 10th birthday, I've lived on 2 wheels. Starting to race later in the game was typical for someone who has never conformed to what most consider “normal” and carries a work ethic from his hometown of Detroit to NEVER GIVE UP!

The COVID-19 pandemic wrought havoc on the planned 2020 National AMA race schedule, but it also allowed more training a preparation to kick maximum ass at the rescheduled races, and as we head into 2021 I plan to maximize my enhanced skills on the track! 

Riding Goals

Look good, go fast, don't die!

Competitive Highlights

Doing my first race in 2019 with 9 days notice and zero experience at 50 years old was a personal WIN, and I've been progressively kicking more ass every time I get on the track ever since!