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Rider Updates

Apr 7 2008

we are getting it fixed there was a wire that scratched up the cylinder and piston really bad hope to have it back before next race

Apr 6 2008

well today at dirt country mx was the first ohio southwest series and didn't do so good on my 85. I got to the end of the straightaway and half way through the first turn and blew it up. this is the second time in one week i had blown it up. i was riding 85 sr. supermini and 122-250cc C classes so i went from three classes all the way to one. this was my 2n time on a track on my 125 and got 9th out of 20 riders. this boosted my confidence a lot. more to come ....

Feb 21 2008

The Ohio Southwestern Mx Series consists of four tracks:  Dirt Country, Treaty City, Lake Bailee, and DMC.  Dirt Country is located in Blanchester, Ohio. Treaty City is located in Greenville, Ohio. Lake Bailee is located in Hamilton, Ohio. Finally, DMC, which stands for Dayton Motorcycle Club is located in Dayton, Ohio. This is an eighteen round series stretching from March 16, 2008 to October 5, 2008. I placed 6th overall last year in the series with my first time racing the whole series. I am looking for a better turn out this year because i have been practicing and training a lot to get my strength and stamina up. I am also looking to not get out of the top ten unless i wreck or something happens. Also, no DNF's last year i had three due to one wreck and two bike problems. I will update more news about mid-way in the series. Thanks for reading.

Jan 9 2008

Hey everyone, at my latest race at Wilmington's Robert's arena i wrecked pretty bad in about the 3rd lap of the main. i was battling with someone and accidently shifted down before the whoops and pinned it. i was down for a little bit and got lapped 3 times by the leader and once by the last place racer and twice by everyone else. i managed to get to my feet and walked to the side of the track after i saw the last place rider lap me for the second time i got on my bike and went. i passed him back and finished the race in last place. i managed to get the wind knocked out of me and get a couple of bruises and scratches. this was all in supermini. and then in the mini sr. main event i managed to get a 6th place finish.

Nov 11 2007

I think that it is important to eat right. I heard from The Pickle Magazine that it is important for athletes to eat six small meals a day. It took me my intervention period to read it and that is twenty-four minutes long. I don't know how i can do six small meals a day because i am in school but i am trying my best. I eat out occassionally once or twice every week. Every thursday me, my uncle, my aunt, my cousin, and my brother all go to Chipotle the Mexican Grill every thursday night. After i am done eating i work off most of my food by skateboarding while everyone else is finishing there food. Did you know that 37% of the United States' population feels like they are overweight? yeah well its true. Soon i am going to put on here my Cardio Fitness Report i did for gym two days ago.

Nov 10 2007

What i do to stay in shape is that everyday after school i go to our neighborhood park with my friends and we just play a huge game of tag or just run around the neighborhood. I also stay in shape because of gym i am VERY active in gym and i have a lot of endurance and i am very quick.