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Personal History

When I turned 5 I got my first bike. It was a little Crf 50, I started out trail riding in the hill of West Virginia. After that I convinced my Dad to let me race. My first race was one to remember, I won by 15 seconds! For my first race I think that's pretty good. I haven't made it to Loretta's yet. The keyword there is yet! I'm just looking for a little support to help get me there. I have a brother who also rides. He rides but he doesn't race. He's going to start racing after this season is over. We got him a brand new 2013 Kx 250f. My friend has loaned Conner (My brother) his bike so he can start training for next season.

Riding Goals

My racing goal is championship supercross. That's been the dream ever since day one. You see i'm on of those kids that has to work in order to go to every single race. I don't just get it handed to me. Were getting off topic. That's about it for my riding goals.

Competitive Highlights

I am a really competitive person. Every race I go to I get this thrive to win. I remember back 2 years ago when I was on a 65, that I hit a 104 foot triple in order to take the lead. I didn't realize I had that big of balls back then haha. I'd say that was probably the best race of my life so far. My worst race either was when I broke my femur. When I broke my jaw that was painful too but not as bad as the leg. Oh well i'll explain them both. I broke my femur at Scenic Highlands in 2008. I hit a kicker as I hit a table top. I realized I was going over the bars so I bailed out and put my legs out just before I landed because I thought it wouldn't hurt as bad. Looks like I was wrong. When I broke my jaw it was kind of a freaky accident. I got tangled up with a lapper in a corner and went down hard. Somehow the handlebar got up into my helmet and nailed me on the jaw bone. Hard enough to break it unfortunately. Getting your jaw wired shut isn't fun. So to this very day I stay away from lappers as far as I can.