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Personal History

Hi my name is James Thomas. i have been riding dirtbikes almost all my life and love to race MX. Racing dirtbikes has alwas been my dream since a little kid. hopefully i will get to make that dream come true with the help of some sponsers. I have the willpower and the drive to do whatever it takes to become successful in racing.

Riding Goals

i plan on getting a newer bike so that i can actually be competative in racing. an older bike is a real disadvantage.although my will to win and my competativness jsut cant make up for the loss of power comparedto the newer machines.

 i also plan on racing in the wild west circuit. i pretty sure that if i had a good machine that i could do very well.

Competitive Highlights

i am always up for a challange. I raced at the the Pocatello MX track but it is that good of a track. i got taken out on one of the races off the start by a guy that wheelied over and i still got 4th place. not bad huh? on a bikethat is 10 years old and stock lol. i have pretty successful in my racing career so far but i know i can do a hell of alot better with a new bike!