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Personal History

I started motocross after a serious ligament injury i got during football cup final last year. Then my farther suggested doing motocross as it was something i loved from a little boy. I have been riding for 9 months and have no plans on stopping! I am a very determinated athlete and wont give up no matter what, i like to train hard and push myself to new limits. Sponsor me and i will not let you down. I have recently sold my bike and is currently saving to buy another bike. Then i will be entering the rest of this season to get ready for the following season and hopefully improve as a rider.

Riding Goals

my goal is to be a sponsored motocross athlete and to start my racing off strong and come out with good results. I want to be riding in the top 5 by the end of next season and even tho i started motocross late i believe it is the ambition and dedication that you put in and the passion you have for the sport thats gets you the results not how long youve been riding. I would also like to inspire people that have no been as fortunate as some and has not been brought into the sport since a young age and has had to work for it. 

Competitive Highlights

I entered my first race last year just to see what it was like.. finished 6th due to lack of fitness also wasnt as confident as i should of been but it was my first ever time a race situation. But following that i believe i could only get stronger and stronger throughout the seasons.